June 30, 2022

Data Recovery From Portable HS Hard Drive

The portable PC is much more widespread than the fixed computer. At the beginning of its use, everything is beautiful and wonderful! Unfortunately, this happiness often Data Recovery does not last. For reasons of different nature, the user feels the need to recover his laptop hard drive HS. This may be due to the hard drive (or SSD), or the machine itself. The user is in front of a non-functional laptop PC with his Data Recovery inside. 

How do I find my data? The question is very simple, but a comprehensive answer is very broad. In this article, we try to square the question in order to provide an adequate answer to each case.

It’s an existential question before touching your hard drive or SSD. If so, it is absolutely necessary to obtain the Bitlocker code and put it in a safe place. Because, if this code is not good, or absent, you should not dream of finding the data from the hard disk (or SSD) HS of the laptop PC. Even a data recovery specialist cannot help if this code is missing. It is then assumed that the issue of encryption is resolved. That is, either the code is available or there is no encryption.

Unlink hard drive from laptop :

When faced with a non-functional laptop with a hard drive (or SSD), the first thing to do is to remove the storage medium from the laptop. This separates laptop issues from drive-specific issues. Then, one can connect the disk to a fully functional computer, either via the disk’s native connector (preferable), or via a USB adapter.

Data Recovery

Examining the Physical Layer of the Hard Drive (or SSD) :

First of all, you have to start by testing the physical functions of the hard disk (or SSD). Because if the disk does not work properly on the physical plane, we cannot solicit the logical layer, which represents the data. For this, we will focus on two attributes:

  • The SMART state of the disk .
  • An overview of the performance test.

The “HD Tune” software with its free version, allows you to perform these two examinations in order to assess the state of health of the disk. The SMART status should be “OK”, and the performance test should not reveal areas of poor performance.

Examination of the hard disk impossible, what to do?

In some cases, examination of the disc is impossible because the disc is not detectable by the software. This happens if the disk Twitter damage is severe. In this case, it is impossible to go further. There is absolutely nothing the user can do and the intervention of a specialized laboratory is essential.

Hard Drive (SSD) Data Recovery :

Following the examination of the disk, depending on the state of the disk, we can come across two vas:

  • Good SMART condition and decent performance.
  • Poor SMART status and questionable performance.