October 4, 2022

How To Data Recovery Services Virus Infected Files?

The loss of files and data, either due to accidentally deleting them or due to the entry of a virus into our system or device, is very frequent. With the years that we have been in the world of cybersecurity and IT solutions, we have realized that Data Recovery Services or Disaster Recovery services continue to be in great demand.

Reason why we believe it is important to make this post in a guide format, in which you will find a list of options for recovering your files infected by viruses, both in Windows and in external USB devices and hard drives, which you can carry out yourself. . 

In case none of these basic solutions work for you, we recommend that you go to an IT solutions specialist to help you replace the information. Bad management in Data Recovery Services can lead to your files being permanently lost. 

Here are some basic but very useful tips, especially in these weeks that we are all working from home as a result of the state of alarm and total confinement, and that we do not have our IT team as it would happen within the company or office. 

By using CMD commands you can recover lost data from hard drive or USB. However, it is important to keep in mind before you decide to use this method that an inappropriate use of the CMD can cause serious consequences and not work as expected.  

We recommend that you read them before starting the steps, since there will be keys that will vary depending on your Facebook device. Just so you keep it in mind and don’t make mistakes. 

One of the factors that you must take into account is that depending on the complexity of the virus infection launched, the previous recommendations may not work for you and you may need to turn to a professional.