August 18, 2022

How To Data Recovery The Internal Memory Of A Broken Phone?

Your mobile phone has fallen? You still don’t know how to recover the internal memory of a broken phone? In reality, no one is safe from an accident with their phone. No problem ! There is a solution and it is very simple.

Recovering files from broken cell phone seems like mission impossible for many of you. There are many solutions to recover all the information in it. 

The most common is to have made backup copies of all your information , but honestly not many people have gotten into the habit of making backups of their phone Facebook data.

The other is to use data recovery software to recover everything without any inconvenience. One of the most widely used and highly rated software is Phone Rescue , available on the Softonic platform. This is a free program. If you want to know more about it, read on.

What is Phone Rescue and how does it work to recover internal memory from a broken phone?

Phone Rescue is a free cell phone information recovery software. It has been running for just over 6 years and its features have proven to be very effective.

It works to recover files from Google , Huawei , Samsung , HTC , Sony , Motorola and LG devices , and it recovers up to 31 file types . Including: documents, photos, images, contacts, text messages, call history, events in your calendars and WhatsApp conversations. 

It is also very useful in case of accidental deletion of photos, SMS or any other important information in your phone.

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