August 18, 2022

Is It Possible To Data Recovery From A Hard Drive That Has Suffered A Hardware Failure?

Aging hard drive, unfortunate shock in the middle of data transfer, or sudden failure: many situations can lead an HDD to hardware failure, with the risk of Data Recovery loss that this implies. Fortunately, in most cases, clean room file recovery is still possible.

As its name suggests, a Data Recovery hardware failure directly affects the components of your hard disk, such as the reading heads, the storage platters, but also the PCB for example (this is called an electronic failure). In the event of an impact, visible signs of blows can give you a serious clue as to the source of the breakdown. More generally, a disc that emits smoke, a burning smell, or a clicking noise when plugged in is more than likely suffering serious degradation.

A hardware failure of a disk must be treated with the utmost care so as not to cause the permanent loss of your data. As a priority, make sure that the hard drive is no longer connected to the current. This will prevent any further physical damage, such as the appearance of scratches on the trays. Send us your defective media as soon as possible in order to proceed with the establishment of a free diagnosis. 

After validation of the intervention, we will replace the defective parts, the time for us to transfer your data to a healthy medium. This operation can only be carried out in a clean room, a room free of all dust and which will guarantee the integrity of your storage space.

If we often tell you not to use Wikipedia data recovery software without knowing the origins of a failure, it is largely for fear of hardware failure. This is because data recovery software “forces” bad read heads to read sectors from already damaged platters, bypassing the disk’s internal security. However, such manipulation can lead to overheating, degradation, or even the total destruction of the components of your hard drive, and in particular the platters containing your precious data.